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We understand the love of skiing and wanting your little ones to start skiing before they walk. Equipment is expensive, especially for the ever growing child. We are proud to offer our Snow Patrol Program for your little ones and teens. Stay tuned for fall 2024 opening dates.

Parents rent skis and snowboards at the beginning of the season and keep them all season long. Our Snow Patrol Program includes freshly tuned and adjusted skis and boots. As your child improves or grows throughout the season, you're able to trade-up and only pay the difference between the gear you are returning and the gear you are renting based on availability. There are no refunds for equipment returned early or unused equipment.

See the Summer Option below.

Summer Option: If you choose the Summer Option of keeping the equipment beyond the return date of May 4, 2024, there will be a nonrefundable $100 Summer Option fee per Snow Patrol Package.

Returning in the Fall: If you chose the Summer Option and are unable return the equipment by Oct 11, 2024, we'll automatically renew each Snow Patrol package for the following season. This is stated in your long term lease agreement.

We kindly ask that you to return the equipment in CLEAN RENTABLE CONDITION. REMOVE ALL STICKERS except for the ski shop's blue tapeAll equipment must be free of dirt, rocks and debris.
There will be $50 cleaning charge per package for dirty and unrentable equipment.

Please buckle-up your boots as this will save us valuable time as we refresh them for next season.

2024/2025 SEASON

Please reserve your Snow Patrol fitting which will allow you to dictate your reservation day and time according to your schedule. Appointments are every 30 mins throughout the day.

We’ll add sign-ups here prior to our opening day this fall.

If you have 3 or more children needing equipment, you must sign-up for 2 time slots. Limit 1 time slot per family.

If you've scheduled an appointment and need to reschedule, please give us 24 hour notice so we can schedule another family. Please call us if you have difficulty rescheduling.

Does your child race in Tahoe Area Leagues? Well, you don't have to make the long trek to Tahoe to outfit your racer. We're able to get the same skis and boots at the same discounts racers receive at Race Night. We do not stock race skis or boots, so you need to come before mid-October. We will then evaluate your needs and custom order the equipment necessary to be standing on the podium at the end of the season. We highly recommend you have your race equipment list the day of your child’s fitting and we’ll do our best to accommodate your racer’s needs. We do not lease boots to racers regardless of ability. You will be required to purchase your racing boots. 

Please note, some coaches will require specific equipment and not all ski and boot brands offer race pricing.

All Snow Patrol fittings MUST be done in person. We DO NOT accept kids’ fittings over the phone or via email.
If you're unable to make a change to your appointment, please call us so we can free up the time slot for another family. Thank you.