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The mountains are your playground and the all new Dynastar Legend W 88 Skis are the new cool kid at school, make friends quick or you'll be left out. Traditional camber is paired with Tip and Tail rocker for unmatched versatility in all snow conditions. This profile delivers both effortless turn initiation and superb fresh snow float for a very natural ride feel. A balance of freeride fun and all-mountain flexibility join forces to create a ski that you'll want to be on all day. A traditional wood core inside Sandwich Construction provides strength at speed and superb edge grip for those firm snow mornings. Power doesn't stop there; keeping those Rockered tips and tails steady and helping skiers smash through cruddy conditions are two layers of Titanal. The Rockered Tip and Tail Profile is not only solidly built, but offers remarkable soft snow float along with easing turn entrance and exit. The new Dynastar Legend W 88 Skis couldn't get any better, but there's still more to the fairy-tale. Unlocking the full potential of POWERDRIVE FREE technology is a 5-point sidecut, allowing skiers to truly ride free. The beauty of 5 points is variable turn shape. You can lay the skis over, carving big, fast turns or pop in and out of quick bump turns on the edge the trail or glades. Recess just got a lot longer.


  • Radius: 17 meters at 177 cm
  • Sidecut: 125/88/109 mm
  • Wood Core
  • Sandwich Construction
  • 2 Titanal Layers
  • 5-Point Sidecut
  • POWERDRIVE FREE Technology
  • Tip & Tail Rocker Profile
  • Skill: Advanced to Expert Women Skiers