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Tip 137 mm
Waist 106 mm
Tail 125 mm

168 cm 14,4 m 1825 g/Ski
176 cm 16,8 m 1910 g/Ski
184 cm 20,4 m 2000 g/Ski
192 cm 21,8 m 2085 g/Ski


Our patented, key technology is unique to ski manufacturing. By removing unneeded layers in the front of the ski we make the ski lighter. This results in several advantages: the ski becomes up to 30 % damper, the ski feels more stable, edge-grip is more powerful, steering is more precise and the overall weight is reduced.

The new version 3.0 of our HOLLOWTECH technology has been revolutionized: It is now even lighter and features exclusively in the FX and PX ranges. HOLLOWTECH 3.0 is created in two layers. A new outer ring cuts out even more materials to save more weight. The size of the HOLLOWTECH is precisely matched to the shovel of each particular model - for performance that´s unbeatable.